1000 Questions 千の問

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The show -One Thousand Questions- is featured in this short film, now available on Youtube. Filmed by Kale Porter from PorterWorks.

One Thousand Questions/千の問—From Hiroshima to Hanford is the first joint exhibition between female Japanese artist Etsuko Ichikawa (etsukoichikawa.com) and Yukiyo Kawano. The focal point of this show involves the artists questioning and considering the legacy of the nuclear era, including Fukushima and Hanford. The two artists are seeking to open themselves in understanding an alignment of their artistic practice with the historical and political circumstance in which the two are situated.

In this participatory & interactive exhibition, the artists are reusing floating lanterns from Lantern Ceremony on Green Lake, Seattle, Washington (the annual August 6th event—the day that the first a-bomb dropped on human beings— commemorating Hiroshima and Nagasaki). These lanterns will be placed under a life-size soft sculpture of Little Boy—the atomic bomb. Some of the lanterns and the gallery wall will be inscribed with gathered questions that arise from Hanford, Hiroshima and the interminable life stories birthed from these pieces of history.

During the exhibition the artists are continue asking and inviting viewers to contribute questions either by posting it on this blog or emailing them to Etsuko and Yukiyo. The questions can be prompted by nuclear related topics or broader.

Gathered questions will be incorporated in the exhibit, for example, some of them could be written onto the lanterns on display or the gallery wall, or they could be listed online. Questioner’s names won’t be shown with each questions, but are going to be acknowledged as supporters.



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    Elisheba Johnson July 17, 2014

    Is the air I depend on for life killing me?

  2. Reply
    Lara Davis July 17, 2014

    What does it mean to be stuck – immobile from the traumas, stories, and truths from our pasts?

  3. Reply
    Lara Davis July 18, 2014

    What does it mean to be stuck – immobile from the knowledge, first-hand experience or secondary trauma that lives in our psyche and bones? How do we move from stagnation to Sankofa?

  4. Reply
    Elise Richman July 25, 2014

    How does our cultural preoccupation with “safety” affect our ability to connect with others?

  5. Reply
    Allison Cobb July 27, 2014

    How do small and daily instances of violence connect to big, political violence?

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    Anna Daedalus August 6, 2014

    Can the human species truly comprehend a time-span like 24,100 years, the half-life of plutonium-239 used in nuclear weapons and power stations?

  7. Reply
    Anna Daedalus August 6, 2014

    If humanity were to reflect on interdependence, would we have the hubris create nuclear waste with untold consequences for millennia?

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    […] Washington State Poet Laureate, is the keynote speaker. From Hiroshima to Hope will be part of the One Thousand Questions exhibit featuring two Japanese artists who will discuss issues surrounding nuclear […]

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