reflect on “Suspended Moment:Desperate Bid For Life”

In my reflecting the pre-show performance (Centennial Play – “Words That Burn”) with a Butoh dancer, Meshi Chavez, on Sep., 27th, 2014.

Photo by: Kerry Davis
One of the way I understood about that moment — the moment felt like a phantom; the sense of impossibility filled the space;
We all have experienced a nihilistic desire; imagine our own death…  imagine the other side… etc. At that suspended site, perhaps the desire (or our curiosities) didn’t exist in the form of an internal psych. Instead we created the moment when there was no depth and no lines that separate the inside and the outside.
The desire was suspended in the mid-air, casting across the entire surface of the space — the space that was not really there.

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 6.04.04 PM
Excerpt from Ian Lucero’s film



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